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If you're anything like me, you'll find this blog really useful!! 

Its official, I am useless at painting my nails - especially my 'wrong' hand! It's like a toddler's tried to paint my fingers! It gets everywhere! I wouldn't mind but I'm not that great at my toes either! PLEASE put me out of my misery ... am I alone in this??? (add a comment below!)

When I was introduced to my new best friend from Barry M, I felt like all those other girls that had perfect nails all the time...

The pen is so easy to use and it just gets rid of those rogue slips that we (well, I) have.

It costs £4.99 and I'll be honest, I think it's worth it, plus you get 2 free replacement tips so it's good value.

So, now you all know what I get up to on a Friday night.. painting my nails and toes and then rubbing it all out! Ha ha!

Until next time...

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