Concierge Styling 

A favourite of time precious professionals, busy mothers and shopping-phobics, Martine can satisfy your garment needs in the privacy of your own home without compromising your work or lifestyle commitments.

A personal stylist you can depend on to be readily available and appropriately honest, Martine believes that by developing your relationship as well as your wardrobe you can trust her to select suitable items without hesitation.

Taking the pressure out of looking amazing, a selection of outfits, whether it is a new pair of jeans or essential black tie attire, will be discreetly delivered to your door for you to try on, before being purchased or returned on your behalf.

With access to your full wardrobe you can comfortably pair suggested outfits to existing items, as well as swapping unflattering changing rooms for more comfortable surroundings.

Perfect for the high profile professional who can be closing that all important deal instead of trawling the rails and waiting in queues, Concierge Styling entrusts Martine to style you from the boardroom to the bar in your very home.

Fashion emergencies can also be quickly extinguished with that statement dress delivered or suitcase packed following a simple phone call.