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I was having coffee with an amazing make-up artist the other day (Richard Harvey), who took me under his makeup wing and showed me the best value for money makeup out there at the moment... I was really surprised when he took me into Topshop! 

He was right though, the colour choice is so on trend, whether its a lipstick or a nail varnish, you know whatever you buy, you are sure to be onto a fashion winner.

My fave pick from the massive selection was this lipstick called 'Tease'

I only put a tiny bit on my hand and it acted like a magnet, I couldn't easily wipe it off. It acts like a stain so if you're out for the night, you know you wont be caught short throughout the night - this bad boy ain't goin' anywhere!!!

There are some nude shades and the obligatory red but this pink is the colour 'du-jour' - and it's only £10!! Bonus!

Until next time...

Your Stylist Recommends

If you're anything like me, you'll find this blog really useful!! 

Its official, I am useless at painting my nails - especially my 'wrong' hand! It's like a toddler's tried to paint my fingers! It gets everywhere! I wouldn't mind but I'm not that great at my toes either! PLEASE put me out of my misery ... am I alone in this??? (add a comment below!)

When I was introduced to my new best friend from Barry M, I felt like all those other girls that had perfect nails all the time...

The pen is so easy to use and it just gets rid of those rogue slips that we (well, I) have.

It costs £4.99 and I'll be honest, I think it's worth it, plus you get 2 free replacement tips so it's good value.

So, now you all know what I get up to on a Friday night.. painting my nails and toes and then rubbing it all out! Ha ha!

Until next time...

Your Stylist Recommends

Having fine hair myself, I'm really fussy when it comes to hair products! They can't weigh my hair down so needs to be a light product, needs to give me volume but not so much that my hair feels dirty all the time - oh and I have to be able to run my hands through my hair easily!!

Quite a feat to ask of a product!

I was asked to try the Alterna Bamboo range by my hairstylist at Terence Paul which I did under sufferance because in all my time on this planet I've never found anything thats worked.

To say I was shocked was an understatement.... finally a product that I can use and I actually like!

The entire range is great as its all made from certified organic bamboo and is traded ethically.

My fave product was the 48 hour sustainable hairspray (although I put it in damp hair!). I instantly had volume and my hair didnt feel greasy either!!!

Alterna Volume 48 Hour Sustainable Hairspray 125ml

Overall a very good introduction by my hair stylist and one I will be eternally grateful for...

Until next time...


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