Martine Alexander

I saw this dress the other day in a Warehouse store and it is amazing!

It's a fab illusion dress! If you're wondering what an illusion dress is - imagine your curves taken to the MAX. The fabric of the dress takes you in and out at exactly the right places, making your waist look tiny!


Every woman needs one of these style dresses in their wardrobe. This season, I'm coveting the Warehouse Spotlight version.

With a price tag of £80, you can't go wrong for an evening dress.

Team yours with a nude heel for a very classic, understated look. But, you want to ramp up the quirkiness, add either a bright heel or a studded ankle boot!

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Sightings of a Stylist

It's been a while since I last blogged and I have to say, I've missed it! I've missed the comments I get on twitter when you like something I've spotted!

It's been a busy old time in 'Alexander Towers' with lots of projects that are about to come to light and I will fill you all in once they are published!! I can't wait to fill you in on all the goings on!

When it's busy, I dont get as much time to blog so if you're on instagram, the best way to see the latest SOAS' are on there (martinealexander)! 

So, I thought I would start with a SOAS that is perfect for this 'in-between' weather:

The Next Mono Wedge!

It's still summery so will work on a warm day with some cu off shorts and a vest, but the black detail makes it work on a cool day (and would look awesome with a leather biker jacket!)

With the price being £45, even if you don't wear them this summer, they will be perfect for next year and it's not wasted money!

Until next time...

Sightings of a Stylist

Last week, as well as heading to the River Island Press Day, I saw the Christmas collection from Next.

It has to be said, Next always do an AMAZING press day with a fabulous fashion show, this year featuring none other than Jordan Dunn and Kendra Spears!

The collection was all about adornment this Christmas, with embellished sleeves and statement necklaces.


There was a heavy emphasis on black and red this season with one of my favourite pieces being this red and black strapless dress:


Click the video below to see the dress on the catwalk

Another fave dress was this black and white lace dress. In the flesh it is beautiful with a sheer lace panel at the back. Totally figure flattering too - apologies for the images being blurred!



This prom dress was SO different for Next. It was SO cute and would look amazing for a Christmas party, a prom or even for bridesmaids.

The dress also came in black ... click on the two videos below to see them on the catwalk. The picture doesn't do the dress as much justice as it looks in the flesh!

I also managed to capture the finale of the fashion show ... enjoy

Shoes take on an edgy, fashion twist this season with cut out boots and quirky detailing on the back of shoes...




Overall, Next have pulled it out of the bag this Christmas. In my eyes, the best yet! I've already earmarked some pieces that are on my shopping list!!!

Until next time...

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